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Lewis Victor

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Lewis stumbled into yoga desperately in need of positive change in his wild and unfocused life. Lewis says, “Through yoga, I became more physically aware and mentally grounded; which all led to a new sense of peace, contentment, control, and reserve in all regards.” In the Summer of 2000, he found Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago where he diligently studied with master teachers, which eventually led to the completion of Moksha’s 200 hour CYT Teacher Training Program under the leadership of Daren Friesen in 2006. Once he completed the training, Daren took on Lewis as his personal assistant and apprentice; touring across the country for workshops and intensives and helping Daren train new teachers at Moksha for the next 3 years. Lewis went on to become a top teacher at various Chicago studios before relocating to Los Angeles in 2009, where he continued to do the same.

Lewis is a strong believer of mind before body. His classes initially focus on the balance of one’s breath, alignment, energy, and concentration while engaging in a satisfyingly complete yoga experience.

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