Ashley Cummings

Ashley Cummings has been a student and teacher of movement her entire life with ballet shoes on her feet at two years old, and dancing professionally by 12, she didn’t miss a beat. Yoga “found” Ashley in Miami Beach when she was 20 years at the University of Miami, where she achieved a B.A in English/ Creative Writing with a double Minor is Dance and Sociology. She was working part time as a gymnastics at the Mandalstam Academy, where many of her fellow coaches had been raving about this “yoga thing”, that Ashley was pretty much trying to avoid. She had been setting her sights on writing, teaching and dancing professionally again. She was finally dragged to an guided Ashtanga class led by Rosalie who still teaches in Miami Beach. It was a very uncomfortable, sweaty, confusing and also hilarious hour and a half. Ashley left that first class with something she had NEVER felt before. This light, that happened with the breath, she listened to every word Rosalie said, although quit sure she was doing it all wrong, and the weird language thrown in every other word (Sanskrit), did not help but she was hooked. She felt truth light run through her, love move inside her and her heart open just a little more than it ever had. In this sweaty, uncomfortable room with 25 strangers, Ashley found the “truth of who I am, who I believe every human on this planet is- divine light energy and unconditional love”. She knew she needed to go back, then she knew the only version of this whole “yoga story” is “all in” and this the journey commenced. Ashley’s Yoga story continues,15 years later, she has built 2 successful studios in Miami Beach, and in West Hollywood, taught over 10,000 yoga classes all over the world. Ashley has taken her “SELF. LOVE. ASANA Yoga Workshop all over the world, including places like Richard Branson’s Necker Island, London England, Doha, Qatar, Helsinki, Finland, Monaco, France, to name a few, as well as Yoga and Meditation retreats in India, Mexico, Qatar, Dubai, Europe. Ashley is honored to be exclusively supporting and serving and Zhila and her community, joining the team at Soul Balance Yoga for her Public Classes, Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training Programs, Yoga and Meditation Workshops and Retreats as well as Private Yoga Sessions. Come get Body and Soul with Master Teacher Ashley Cummings, at Soul Balance Yoga!