Soul Balance Yoga Success Stories

  • Yoga has enhanced my life in many different ways. Before starting yoga, almost 10 years ago at the age of 60, I was nowhere near as flexible as I am now, even though I had been very active all my life. This increased flexibility has helped me as I age, and even improved my golf game! I feel more youthful, and people have even commented that I look much younger than I am. Taking yoga classes several times a week has truly been transformative. I remember my dad looking so much older when he was my age. I feel I owe a lot of my current vigor to yoga and feel much more alive today than I could have without yoga. I have chosen the Jade Apple, which I think of as a boutique studio, as my home base because of the wonderful instructors and management. I have attended classes at several other studios in the area, and none can compare to the comfortable and competent atmosphere here. Thank you for all you do.

    Michael Salzman
  • I’ve taken my yoga practice much deeper in the last year and done so almost exclusively at Jade Apple and with my home practice, which is all based on what I learn there. It’s been a transformational time for me and I give a lot of credit to the philosophies and disciplines I learn at Jade, specically their focus on breathing as the basis for movement.

    There’s such a nurturing and positive atmosphere and community at Jade. I go there for the vibes as much as anything. The instructors seem to have a great synergy between them and because of this the practice there is ever evolving and developing.

    Paul McCarty
  • Great space. Excellent teachers with lots of knowledge but best of all – fantastic personalities. Location is wonderful for me since I live so close. Night classes are ample and the community lunchtime flow even works most of the time for me.

    Annabelle Frost
  • I enjoy the Monday night class with Bethany. My son Christian and I try to attend when our schedules permit. Christian has cerebral palsy and autism, and Bethany accommodates his special needs, often giving him one-on-one attention. I love the class as I focus on stress releasing breathing and stretching which I badly need. I find her instruction very helpful and her voice very soothing. The price of the class is very reasonable, even at the new increased rate of $6 per class.

    Linda Spinks
  • The owner, teachers & sevas are lovely. The Jade Apple has a sweet energy.

    Pamela Kightlinger
  • Excellent and attentive instructors, pleasant staff, facility is nice, convenient and well kept.

    Tracey Davenport
  • Love the space and the teachers!

    Mary Kate Drzewiecki

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