Dania Gottschalk

Dania found yoga at a young age and is grateful to have had it as her compass ever since. She believes yoga allows us to bring more openness into our lives —opening up our body and our mind to be fully present for every moment of our life’s unfolding. Dania teaches to share this unparalleled gift and reminds her students that through practicing asana, the yoga poses, we have the ability to see how we react to everything by seeing our reactions on the mat. Over time, we learn to soften and stay in the pose and through this practice connect to our inner strength and our unbreakable spirit. Dania loves that yoga not only centers and makes us more flexible in the face of life’s challenges, but that it is also a tool we can call upon anytime, a reserve we are creating for a more peaceful, balanced, and present life.

Dania is a 500 Hour RTY and is so grateful for her many teachers and the lineage of yoga. Her goal is to offer insight and transformation through yoga on both the personal and communal levels. Dania founded Be A Light LA Yoga Fundraisers to connect yoga students and studios in support of yoga nonprofits throughout Los Angeles.