Marti Maley

Born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska, Marti is a certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. Having been in love with yoga since childhood, Marti didn’t realize the true power of the practice until a few summers ago, when she moved to LA from New York City. Marti quickly discovered how alienating and jarring a city like LA can be, and found herself turning to yoga more than ever before. She also discovered the unique power of Reiki, a Japanese technique that promotes healing and relaxation, which changed her life. Marti quickly became attuned to be a Reiki Practitioner, and started incorporating hands-on healing in her Yoga. Marti’s specialty is working one-one-one with clients, where she introduces them to her unique blend of Meditation, Yoga, and Reiki, all with the intention of healing the soul, and awakening the light within. Along with being a Healer, Marti is also a trained actor who believes passionately in being present, focused, and living in the now. Yoga isn’t just bending, twisting, and tightening. Yoga is giving yourself the gift to allow yourself to just breathe, and be. To surrender into harmony with yourself and the universe in and around you. Yoga is what brings us together, while at the same time reminding us of how beautiful and unique each of us are. A passionate and empathetic teacher, Marti strives to create a comfortable, safe environment for her students so that they can discover their true potential as yogis, and more importantly, as a human beings.