Zhila Salahshour

Zhila is the proud owner of Soul Balance Yoga. She was introduced to yoga and its teachings after her family was struck with the experience of cancer. Throughout this process, She came to understand that the yoga -philosophy was harmonious with her findings that the psychological self, helps to create physiological “disease” or “health” in our body. As the Sanskrit word “yoga” meaning to join, and to unite indicates, her vision for starting Soul Balance Yoga is to create a space to heal the heart in joining the mind for creating a life worth living. A life that promotes creativity, and serves the inner-self without judgements and blocks of our mind.Her inner journey took her to writing poetry, that helped her realize the effects of creativity in blossoming our heart, and the lack of it in the dis-ease of our physical body

She plans to revolve the mission of Soul Balance Yoga around those findings.